Upcoming Services

Carol Mays  – February 4th    

Carol was one of the first female United Methodist ministers ordained in the state of Virginia (in 1977). While serving four parishes, she increasingly began to question basic doctrines, as her personal theology expanded. Eventually, she realized that she could not in good conscience stay within the confines of orthodox Christianity, especially in the South.  After leaving the church, she explored many other traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Humanism, and Neo-Paganism. For twenty years, she was a frequent speaker at the Baltimore Ethical Society, an organization similar to Unitarian Universalism. About 25 years ago, she had a profound mystical experience in a cathedral, which inspired her to write her first book. MTA employees handed free copies of this little book out one afternoon to passengers at a Baltimore subway stop.  Since then, she has continued her ministry in a free-lance fashion, by writing and publishing uplifting books and distributing them as she is able.

 Rev. John Pastor – February  11th

Spiritual Care :  How are you taking care of your soul?  In this sermon Rev. John shares how reflecting on the big life questions can contribute to meaningful spiritual formation.


Steve Sousa – February  18th

Steve & Lucy and their daughters Madalina & Mihaela have lived in Palmer for three years, also attending Saint Paul’s U.U. church for nine months. Steve was raised in the U.C.C. church of Granby. He has served thirty-five years in pastoral ministry at four Western Massachusetts congregations, including both non-denominational churches and the Evangelical Free Denomination. Steve was co-founder and headmaster of the Springfield Christian School (a non-denominational k-12 day school) for eight years. He retired from active ministry in 2013 after serving twenty five years at Living Gate Community Church of Granby, MA. His education includes completing seven years at UMass Amherst majoring in marine biology, classics, education, psychology and sustainable agriculture. Ministerial education and ordination were from Steven’s Christian College of Lenox (now Maryland Seminary). Steve worked for four years part time at Red Fire organic farm as farm stand manager and C.S.A. coordinator. Steve and Lucy are owners of Sousa’s Fine Floors. The family enjoys regular visits to Lucy’s home country of Moldova.


Laura Geoghegan Kellner – February  25th

Laura Geoghegan Kellner joined her first Unitarian Universalist congregation in 2010 and has been an Unaffiliated Druid. since 2006. She grew up in Massachusetts, both Boston and Northampton, and has lived, worked and studied in the United Kingdom, Virginia and Florida, as well as northern New England. She is currently on sabatical from Aspirant status and hopes to eventually pursue ordination in the UUA. Her jobs have included working in full 18th century costume at Colonial Williamsburg (where she was privileged to learn about sewing, tea service, axe throwing and the proper order of Canon Crew according to Lord Harvey, 1764.) a Turtle/Human diplomatic specialist at the Boston Children’s Museum, and a Graduate Assistant to the Native American Studies Department at UMaine Orono where she earned her MA in history.