Join us for a family friendly service of secular and religious readings interspersed with traditional carols and a finale of a candlelit singing of “Silent Night.”  All are welcome to attend.  Don’t worry if you’re a first time visitor – we’d love to have you join us!

Our congregation is small but enthusiastic, friendly and caring.

We welcome you to come by and see what we’re all about.  Join us for a service on Sunday morning or drop in for one of the many events we host during the year.

Bring with you any beliefs, ideas, theological struggles that you may have. Under no circumstances will you be turned away at the door or denied either friendship or membership. For we are indeed “a religious people who have woven the strands of a rich past into a tapestry for the present”.

So, come to St. Paul’s and try us on for size. You just might find a group of people who value the free mind as much as they value the fellowship of like-minded people.

St. Paul's Church of Palmer

We are a non-creedal church – we don’t tell people what to believe or not to believe. That’s their choice. What we teach and preach in the sanctuary is the common sense of living a fruitful and interesting life, and respecting other people.